Saturday, 30 November 2013

New Season Arrival

So to say it's been a while would be a great understatement. A lot has happened in the last few months; loved ones leaving the country, me moving to the big smoke so it has all been a bit of a vast whirlwind. I no longer have anybody to take my beloved outfit photos and my tripod is no longer with me so you will have to forgive the state of the photos from now. Deepest apologies bloggerinos (gosh it feels good to use that word again!)

I've done my best with these and I'm sure it won't take long to get back into the swing of things! Oh and it's that time of year again *cough CHRISTMAS *cough so it would just be rude not to share all of my MANY photos with you all. Don't forget, I'm still on instagram and tumblr under the name: thefashionarmoire so just give me a search as I am still clogging up your newsfeed on there ;)

If you have not yet had the pleasure of venturing to the Marc by Marc Jacobs store on South Audley Street in London then you will not have seen these stunning necklaces they have for a bargain £5-£15! A gem of a store, don't say I don't ever tell you anything.

T-Shirt - H&M // Coat - H&M // Jeans - Topshop // Necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs


Friday, 27 September 2013

Give As You Live Wishlist

Following on from Monday's post I wanted to stress to you once again just how great Give As You Live actually is. Surprisingly, and unlike many other websites, there are very few limitations when it comes to the online shops it is affiliated with - making it so so so simple to do your bit for charity whilst shopping! 
I've created a little wish list below of various other gorgeous items I would LOVE to buy to compliment the Topshop check trousers I blogged about just the other day. I've also included how much of my purchase would go towards the charity of my choice (Cancer Research UK) so you can get a feel for just how much you could potentially raise!

1. Miss Selfridge - Parker Coat - £79 (Miss Selfridge donates up to 2.5%)
2. Urban Outfitters - Deena & Ozzy Satchel - £38 (UO donates up to 3%)
3. ASOS - Heeled Sandals - £50 (ASOS donates up to 1.5%)
4. Topshop - Heart Print Shirt - £32 - absolutely adore the clashing patterns of hearts and checks (Topshop donates up to 2%)

So no excuses now bloggerinos, follow the link above and check it out for yourself - everyones doing it! I will also be including a Give As You Live button on the right hand side of my blog page in the very near future. If you want to apply to have one of these on your blog just get in contact! 


Monday, 23 September 2013

The Gentleman's Trouser

Obviously we are all aware that buying material things for ourselves is not the most selfless thing that we could possibly be doing. That odd blouse...bag...shiny, beautiful necklace is making no difference to anybody else's lives but our own, or is it? If you shop through GIVE AS YOU LIVE, not only will you be receiving the things you'd normally be buying out in the shops, but you can also choose your very own charity so that a certain percentage of what you spend is donated. Pretty damn amazing right?!

I honestly can't believe I haven't come across it before, especially seeing as so many stores have signed up to become affiliates. So I thought I'd give it a whirl! After watching the fabulous LFW fashion shows avidly this week, I thought I'd bag my first LFW inspired piece through Give As You Live - and what better shop to choose than Topshop

Trousers - Topshop //Jumper - H&M // Brogues - River Island
(Through Give As You Live, Topshop donated 2% of my purchase to Cancer Research UK)

Inspired by the women's tailoring pieces that have made a huge appearance this LFW I thought I'd go for these slick check trousers. I absolutely adored the kind of tailoring shown by...  We've all seen patterned trousers circulate within fashion circles this year and it's definitely not fading out anytime soon. They're such a versatile investment; as you can see here I've paired them with an oversized jumper, but dressed with a silk blouse or cami would make it perfect for an evening out and make it slightly more VB ;)

Above are two of my favourite looks taken from LFW SS14 (left: Burberry right: Paul Smith). The casual tailoring style adopted by both designers sees a departure from formal structured tailoring, making it more wearable and slightly more casual. Absolutely loving it!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Detox Me: Udos Oil

Whilst carrying out my clean eating (yes, it's been 3 months and I'm still powering through!) I've come across a load of really useful websites, giving advice on how to maintain the correct level of nutrients. The last thing you want to do when trying to slim down or get fitter is neglect your hair, nails and skin. Detox Me, in particular, is PERFECT for giving out body, nutrition and fitness advice and supplying products that are beneficial for great health. What sets them apart from other sites is the fact that they have user blogs and forums, allowing you to read personal accounts of how the products/advice/tips actually worked making it a very honest site to pop over to.

So I decided to give one of Detox Me's products a go - I chose the Udo's Choice Oil.

Udo's Choice Oil arrived and it is a bottle of liquid, high in Omega 3 and full of good fatty acids that aims to improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails. I saw this as an alternative to taking fish oil tablets. The good thing about this product is that you can use it as an oil to mix with a salad dressing if you don't like the taste of a big spoonful!
I tended to take this Udo's Oil straight after working out for ultimate absorption and I found that this worked best for me, but we're all different!

RESULTS: Honestly, I was a little sceptical about taking the Udo's Oil but once I got into the habit of taking it once a day, about 2 1/2 weeks in is when I really started to notice the difference. My skin has never looked healthier, and my hair feels in much better condition (a lot more strength). I've also found that it helps me to recover quicker post workout, which is what I used to struggle with! All in all, a very happy customer!

If you haven't visited Detox Me before, head over there to read over some of the advice and tips they give.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

STORE: John Lewis

Working just off Oxford Street means that I am in the hub of London life, allowing me to explore way more shops than I normally would - Cos, &OtherStories, Joy, Selfridges - the list really is endless! But my 'go to' place where I know I can always find something, whatever the occasion, has got to be Oxford Street's John Lewis. 

Womenswear at John Lewis never fails me and a lot of people perceive it to be somewhat out of their budget - you're wrong people! I've created a mini wishlist below to prove to all of you sceptics that even in John Lewis, you're guaranteed to find a bargain and get that essential summer look that you desire, but on a budget!

1. Mango Smock Dress (£16.99 - Sale)
2. John Lewis Kaftan (£40.00)
3. John Lewis Clutch Bag (£39.00)
4. John Lewis Necklace (£20.00)
5. Dune Sandals (£29.60)


Sunday, 21 July 2013

OOTD: Return of the Black

It's been a while since the last post, mainly because I've been shopping like an absolute crazy woman to turn my wardrobe around! I'm sure you've all had the feeling where you stare aimlessly at your wardrobe every single moment, expecting some amaze balls clothes to magically appear before your eyes.

So one month later and I think I'm finally getting there. Took my first trip to COS this week and fell head over heels in love. So like any normal person I logged onto the website to raid the Sale section which is currently the only part I can afford - I was totally impressed. There were still a lot of dresses with not so fragmented sizes so I managed to pick up this little gem for £23 down from £89! BARGAAAIN to say the least. If you haven't already checked out the sale, head over now.

I've been absolutely obsessed with the Millie Mackintosh style diary recently (here), if you haven't already been on, it's DANGEROUS. Very inspiring outfits put together with, surprisingly, super affordable prices! A common theme through her style diary is River Island necklace - so off I went to the new Flagship store on Oxford Street and picked up this chunky, bold necklace for a mere £15. 

Hope you're keep it chill in this weather bloggerinos!


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

OOTD: Did Someone Say Mini?

Wowwweeeeee did someone say sunshiiiiiine?! It's about bloody time that the sun is making an appearance, it's only early June already, right? I do have a chuckle to myself on the train into London in the morning because as soon as the weather exceeds 15 degrees, every English person (including myself) gets their pale whitey legs out haha. Luckily I managed to sneak in a quicky fake tan this morning though so I look like I've had my legs out all year ;)

I did indeed get my mini-skirt out though and teamed it with some cheap Converse copies from Primark (I have zero money at the moment so definitely cannot afford the real thing). I don't personally think they look too bad? Also been meaning to blog about this H&M shrug for a while now from their Edit section. I am absolutely in love with it because it looks designer and can be thrown on with any outfit to make it look that little bit quirkier. You can't see the colours here properly because of the sun but it is like a dipped dye beige/brown.

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Skirt - H&M // Body - ASOS // Shrug - H&M // Sunglasses - Topshop // Shoes - Primark


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